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Since words became meaningless.

Pictures become more powerful in defining our history.

Indian Artist present the truth about Syrian's suffering and the loss of humanity

A message From My Friend: The History Lessons


Syria Tomorrow recieved the following history reminders, and we feel obligated to publish it as it came to us, knowing how truthful and how painful to have Syria and Syrian's suffer while the world watching.


The original author of this reminder is not known to us, but in honor of his true lesson we feel obligated to remind the world and specifically the Arab world about Syria in the history.


"As received:

Syria became home to the refugees who fled the armies of Ibrahim Basha in 1839

Syria became home to the Circassian refugees in 1860

Syria became home to the Armenian refugees in 1914

Syria became home to the Palestinian refugees in 1948

Syria became home once again to Palestinian refugees in 1967

Syria became home to the refugees from Kuwait in 1990

Syria became home to refugees from Lebanon in 1996

Syria became home to the refugees from Iraq in 2003

Syria became home to the refugees from Lebanon in 2006

It will be written in the history books and generations will remember, that Syria never closed it's borders for those who fled their homes seeking safety and refuge.

Syria has never asked any Arab for a visa to enter it's lands whether it was a visit or permanent stay.

In Syria not a single tent was put up on the borders to accommodate for refugees across the years, houses were opened, streets were vacated and cities were renamed to allow for refugees to feel at home.

Let it be written in the history books and let the generations remember, that when a Syrian needed help and refuge; borders were closed and the world looked away.


Let it be written in the history books and let the generations remember, that when a Syrian needed help and refuge; borders were closed and the Arab world looked away.​"


Syria Tomorrow express it's appreciation  to Lebanon and Jordan for helping in accomodating millions of Syrian, and send the history reminder to all others in the of Gulf / Oild states, wondering about Why they want Syria destruction? and why they want to Syrian's people degraded? 


Syria Tomorrow, as an independent voice, proudly say it loud and clear, to all of those Gulf / Oil states, that while Western countries open thier arms to your brothers Syrian's and Muslim's, you turn your face away, and no matter what is your execuse, you prove to the world your lack of believes in Islam elthics, and how far you are from being good Muslim's or even human, and SHANE ON YOU is the least we can say.


Pictures Speak The Truth



Shame on us, the whole world: For celebrating Syria destruction.



Shame on us, all Arab: For using Syria as a game land to entertain you.


Shame on us, all Muslim's:

For using Islam as destructive weapom under the name of Islam


Shame on us, all Sunni Muslim's: For dividing Islam


Shame on us, all Shiitte Muslim's: 

For dividing Islam.


Shame on us: While the world trying the best to help Syrian refugees, 

Arab Gulf states welcome (0) Syrian Refugees


Shame on us All Syrian's: For destroying our country


Shame on us All Syrian's: For destroying our childrens future


Shame on us, All leaders: For Selling our country and future


Shame on us, as a leader: For trading Syria future



Stop the killing

Stop the blood shed

Stop the destructions

Stop the division

Stop the illusions

Stop the hate



We are all brothers and sisters

We are all Muslim's in one Islam

We are all hurting and suffering



We are all Syrians

Shame on Muslims, not Islam.



There is a crisis around the world where a few Radical Muslims shatter Islam’s image, Muslim's faith, and a Muslim's credibility. This forces us to ask ourselves, what are the reasons that we (Muslims) are losing the respect and sympathy of the world and now find ourselves in a  justified zone of hate and fear?


These reasons started with radical Muslims. Radical Muslims who gave themselves the

right to speak on behalf of all Muslims. The promotion of radical islamic thinking along with their ambition for destruction has led to all of the bloodshed in the Middle East and the massacres between Muslims. It has led them to finish the crimes in Paris, killing innocent people.The same innocent people who allowed these radical Muslims the  freedom to come to their country to

practice and express their faith.........


I am not afraid to say shame on all of us Muslims. May we recognize our problems, our illogical behavior, fix our image, and bring the real

Islamic value of love and peace to our life as an action not words. May we clean our dirt, sterilize our soul, and believe in freedom, peace and love as a

standard of life.


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إلى متى الإنتظار ياأبناء بلدي
أطفال سورية لن يسامحونا على ماتسببنا لهم فيه من تشرد وضياع و لكن سيغفرون لنا أخطائنا إذا استطعنا أن نعود الى الحكمة والعقل في حل أمورنا
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