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The Final Resolution: It's Time

The tragic events in Syria, have reach the point of no return, all dreams about what was called democracy evaporated in light of the self-destruction witnessed with what was called the opposition going too far in their fanatic believes, contributing to destruction and killing like the regime and worse, and in the internal fights about who is the leading group in what was called revolution.


The death total exceeded all expectation, the human life lost its value and became so easy to kill and acknowledge the killing. Regional Governments retaliate against each other with more money and support to groups against each other.


The big question after all of this blood shed, where are we as Syrian?


Are we better today than four years ago?

Are we safer today than four years ago?

Are we enjoying more free today than four years ago?

Are we more democratic than four years ago?


The answer is very simple, we are devastated with our crisis, no economy, our infrastructure has been destroyed, hundreds of thousands dead, all of the people are scared to live in their own homes, suppressed by more powerful dictators than ever, and have zero democracy, and as a nation become much weaker than ever.


I will ask those people who planned on this revolution (If there was a plan), What did they achieve? How can they justify the killing and destruction? How they can explain the failure in getting the least possible demand of democracy?


Some of the arguments they used:


Death is better than living under the regime control.

Our children are going to live a better life.

No revolution without victims and death.

What was destroyed will be rebuilt.

They have no return path, and they have to finish the fight no matter what is the price.

They are fighting for those who died, even if more dead will be the outcome.

The non-supporter people are trader and deserve to die.

If anyone not with the opposition, he or she are with the dictator against them.


All of these arguments have been going on and still going on for more than four years, but the Syrian’s are more divided than ever, neighbors and brothers became enemies based on which side they are with or supporting, kids traumatized with their parents death, women became widows at their young age, parents lost their loved one without kissing them the last kiss, elderly became homeless without knowing why.



Many reasons could explain this disaster of failure of what was called revolution:


Never successful revolution was based on religion.


Never the society changes can happen by weapons, by killing and destruction.


Never a revolution has been paid for by a foreign government.


Never a revolution for better life happens by killing people and losing life.


Never a revolution replaces one dictator with another.


Never killing a father will make his kids live a better life.


Never killing a husband will make his widow feel better.


Never killing a son will make his parents happier.


On the other hand, the regime also did similar mistakes and devastating errors and proved the dictatorship mechanism as their best way of defense. They committed same killing and destruction under the excuse of fighting terrorist, instead of listening to the people and resolve tension with minimum steps of security and allowing the people to feel that changes are on the way. This was the most stupid and arrogant argument on earth. These arguments represent the weakness and lack of leadership in the government official from the base to the top..


These arguments from both sides show our retardation and how we are far away from democracy, because we lack the basic principle of civilization including listening to each other and respecting all point of view. We are not democratic because all of us are dictators inside our mind and heart, start with our sheikh (clerk) in the mosque is a dictator, our school teacher is a dictator, our father is the dictator at home, our boss is the dictator at work, the police officer is a dictator in the street, the public bus driver is a dictator on the bus, and finally not to forget the many real dictators in our government.


Now I want to go back in time and ask all the Syrian’s what is next? Are you still going through this path of destruction, killing, and retaliation, or its time to clear our mind, stop our bloodshed, go back to our basic Islamic believes, try to find the common grounds to start a peaceful resolution.


It does not matter now who is right and who is wrong, what matter is how to stop this massacres every where, and may be God will forgive all of you because of your sin.


Its time for all the Syrian’s to wake up from this dark night and long sleep…

Its time to recognize the lack of education and understanding for the basic concept of freedom…

Its time to pray and face God for our sin…

Its time to stop selling our soles and ourselves…

Its time to remember that your prophet Mohammed, talked to enemies to spare human life, so is not time for both sides to talk and spare human lives.


Its time to recognize after these dark few years, that there is no winner; all of you and us are losers...


I remind all Syrian’s, officials or opposition, Sunni’s or Shiite’s, young or old, man or women, that democracy start with respecting each other, listening to each other no matter how much we disagree.


Syria Tomorrow.  


Reminder to all Arab's and Muslim's.

الحمار الذي اصبح اذكى من كل العرب والمسلمين......وآسفاه

The smarter Speieces on Earth (Reminder to all Arab's and Muslim's)


A reminder to all Arab's and Muslim, about what they end up to be, even the donkeys who we always consider the most stupid animal is becoming smarter than us.

Please read this and spread to every one... It remind us how we should be or to be.....



في أحد الاسطبلات العربية دار الحديث بين الحمارالأب والأبن بعد اضراب الابن عن الطعام...

فرد احمار الابن بجواب عبر عن هذا الزمان حيث اصبحت الحمير أذكى مننا نحن العرب والمسلمين.......وأسفاه


لنقرأ معا حديث الحمير ونعتبر....


كان يا مكان في أحد الإسطبلات العربية مجموعة من الحمير

وذات يوم أضرب حمار صغير عن الطعام، فضعف جسده وتهدلّت أذناه وكاد جسده يقع على الأرض من الوهن..

فأدرك الحمار الأب وضع إبنه المتدهور وأراد أن يعرف السبب..فسأله;


مابك يابني؟ أخبرني مابك؟

لقد أحضرت لك أفضل أنواع الشعير..وأنت لاتزال مضربا عن الطعام..

لماذا تفعل ذلك بنفسك؟ هل أزعجك أحد؟


رفع الحمار الصغير رأسهوخاطب والده قائلاً...

نعم يأبي إنهم البشر..يسخرون منّا نحن معشر الحمير...

فتسائل الأب وكيف ذلك؟

فرد الإبن الحمار بصوت حزين..

ألا تراهم كلما قام أحدهم بفعل مشين يقولون له ياحمار..

ألا تراهم كلما قام أحد أبنائهم برذيلة يقولون له ياحمار..

أنحن حقاً حمير أغبياء...

لا ياأبي..نحن لسنا كذلك..إننا نعمل دون كلل ولا ملل..ونفهم وندرك.. ولنا مشاعر وأحاسيس..


إرتبك احمار الأب كيف يرد على سؤال إبنه...ولكن سرعان ماحرك أذناه يمنة ويسرة وبدء يحاور إبنه محاولاً إقناعه حسب منطق الحمير..


أنظر يابني; إنهم معشر البشرخلقهم الله و فضلّهم على سائر المخلوقات لكنهم أساؤوا لأنفسهم كثيراً قبل الإساءة إلى معشر الحمير...

فانظر مثلاً..

هل رأيت بعمرك حماراً يسرق مال أخيه؟

هل رأيت بعمرك حماراً يعذب بقة الحمير لأنهم أضعف أو أفقر منه؟

هل رأيت بعمرك حماراً يسجن الحمير لأنهم خالفوه الرأي؟

هل رأيت بعمرك عنصرياً فيعامل الحمير حسب اللون واللغة و الدين؟

هل سمعت عن قمة حمير لايعرفون لماذا مجتمعين؟

هل رأيت بعمرك حماراً عميلا لدولة أجنبية و يتآمر ضد حمير بلده؟


إنه لمستحيل أن تسمع بهذه الجرائم الإنسانية في عالم الحمير!!

فاالبشر خالفوا حكمة خالقهم وتعاليمه فضلوا الصواب...

فياولدي حكم عقلك الحماري لا تخطوا خطو البشر..وارفع رأسي عالياً، ووابقى كعهي بك حمار إبن حمار..

واتركهم يقولون مايشاؤون..فيكفينا فكفينا فخراً أننا حمير ولكن;

لانكذب و لا ننافق..





لانسجن و نعذب...

لانرقص فرحاً وبننا جريح وقتيل...


أعجت هذه الكلمات الحمار الإبن فهب يلتهم الشعير وقال;


نعم سأبقىكما عهدتني ياأبي...أفتخ أنني حمار إبن حمار..

حتى أموت وأصبح تراباً ولاأدخل النار التي وقودها الناس والأحجار...

Arabic Version PDF

English Version PDF


In the past few months, the father of an Arabian donkey saw that his son had stopped eating. He was losing weight and getting so fatigue the he decided to ask his son about the reason.?


The donkey’s Father asked, “What is wrong my son? Why after I have provided you with food are you still refusing to eat?


The donkey’s son raised his head with tears in eyes and said: Yes dad, I am angry and upset that human being make fun of me and blames me for every mistake he/she make.


When someone makes a mistake, they call him donkey.

When someone sins, they call him a donkey…

When someone they do not like donkey..


I am sick and tired of these blames...

Do you think we are stupid? Are we that bad that the people are blaming us for everything?


The son continue to says: I think we are working hard enough. We have a heart and brain like them. I have a feeling that no one appreciates it.


The donkey’s father donkey replied and tried to convince his son about the “donkey’s logics”.:


Look at all human being, where god created them and made them the best species on earth., but unfortunately they contribute to the stupidity far more than us


I will give examples to show you how better we are:


Have you ever seen a thief donkey, steal from his brother donkey?


Have you ever seen a donkey king and dictator abuse or retaliate against other donkeys because they are weaker or have a different opinion?


Have you ever seen a donkey discriminate against other donkeys for their color or religion?


Have you ever seen a donkey that becomes a spy for a different nation for money reason?


Have you ever seen our donkeys leaders meet in their summit without knowing their people needs or suffering….


Those are our owners, Arab and Muslim’s, kings and dictators who care for their crown, and nothing about their people. And now those ISIS, those brainwashed believers, justify killing, heading, blood shedding under the umbrella of Islam…


The donkey’s father continue to say: I am confident that you never seen a donkey commit that kind of crimes against humanity or donkeys race anywhere?


The people believe in god, but they do not follow the basic of god principles and roles. And for that reason I ask you my son, to think for a moment, and keep your head up, making me and you mom proud of you and our race, donkey the some of donkeys…


Let the people think whatever they want about us because we are the better one…Proud of ourselves…


Proud that we do not kill each other, steal from each other, bad mouth each other, or even dance when we see others suffering, killed, or wounded while we are laughing.

Paris Terrorist Attack: Assessment of Reasons



Many in the West see Muslims as fanatical, violent, and as lacking tolerance. Meanwhile, Muslims in the Middle East and Asia generally see Westerners as selfish, immoral and greedy – as well as violent and fanatical.


The latest immoral terrorist attack on Paris, deepen the gap and probably created a more division between Muslim and non-Muslim’s. Nothing highlights the divide between Muslims and the West more clearly than their responses to the uproar this year about the two Paris attacks. 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks highlights the divide over cartoon depictions of Muhammad. Most people in the Muslim’s world blame the controversy on Western nations’ disrespect for the Islamic religion, leading to fanatic Muslim’s to have the backup for their propaganda against the West, leading to a massacre like that. In contrast, majorities of Americans and Western Europeans who have heard of the controversy say Muslims’ intolerance to different points of view is more to blame.


The horrendous attacks on Paris have an eerie resemblance to the events of Sept. 11, 2001, in that they seem to have caught everyone off guard. Until perhaps Friday, the Western intelligence agencies and policymakers has been that Islamic State poses “no immediate threat” to the United States or the West. All thoughts were that ISIS is more interested in establishing a Caliphate and not so interested in attacking the West, and that is why not much of interest in ISIS destruction were expressed, except in speeches.


A rare point of agreement between Westerners and Muslims is that both believe that Muslim nations should be more economically prosperous than they are today. But they gauge the problem quite differently. Muslim publics have an aggrieved view of the West – they are much more likely than Americans or Western Europeans to blame Western policies for their own lack of prosperity, combined with dictatorship system inherited over the years in all Arab and Muslim’s countries, supported by the West interest in oil and maintaining these countries economic dependency on the west. For their part, Western publics and governments instead point to government corruption, lack of education and Islamic fundamentalism as the biggest obstacles to Muslim and Arab prosperity.


These huge differences in understanding the problem in those Arab and Islamic States, probably in my opinion is the main reason for the crisis are facing now. The ISIS plans of Islamic state and the vision that their survival depend on all enemies destruction including other opposing Muslim’s, other religions, and the West. This is clearly the concept which was miss understood by the western expert, because of the lack of understanding for the cultural differences, religious believes, and finally under estimating the depth of the religious conviction, lack of education, and diversity of ethnicity. These factors played a major role in starting what was called the Arab Spring, not recognizing the consequences of the sudden changes in a society based on mandated and enforced elements of behaviors, allowing people to dream of freedom, without knowing how to start the freedom, to dream about economic prosperity, without having any infrastructures for economic development, to dream about freedom of speech in a religious culture based on no freedom but god and profit says as the roles and no one can challenge it.


When the United States of America and Europe decided to be part of the democracy fight in the Middle East and Islamic world, they based that on allowing those countries to adopt the Western democracy, and tie the revolution to the Western to maintain some control on them, and to prevent the other side of the equation from involvement, including Russia and any related power. Those experts under estimated the division in opinions and believes between those many opposition fractions and also the tied relationship with fanatic religious group who see Islam the only way to get freedom, based on their own understanding.


The worse aspect of the problem, that Western countries thought that the Gulf countries will help in building democracy in the rest of the Arab and Islamic world, missing the most important factors, that the agenda of those countries behind the seen that democracy was never the goal as much establishing more power and control on those countries for one reason to avoid the Iran or Shia Islam from spreading to their area, or even to suppress and destroy Shia, under the believe that it’s their duty to do so. That was the reason for too many fanatic groups involvement in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and the latest in Yemen.


Some experts in the Gulf strategies and economic development, suggested the new theory, that Gulf countries started and developed, in the early 19th century, because of Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Iraqi’s. They are who immigrated to the Gulf for financial reason, and became the spine of those of development, economy and science in those countries. But the new generation of the Gulf population and rollers see it differently, and believe that they owe nothing to those countries, they were paid slave, and the Gulf did them a favor to improve their economic status.  This new theory was the reason to work on destroying the old image that without the Syrians, Egyptians and many others, the Gulf countries will not exist, and they will be the camel riders as Hollywood saw them for many years. This planned destruction is really to change every one believe and force them to see those Gulf countries as the savor and that the Gulf owe nothing to them.


The more convincing theory as one expert in the Syria conflict expressed his opinion “The only thing that makes sense to us is that the world wants to dump all its trash here,” he said, referring to the Islamic State jihadists, whom he said were mainly non-Syrian, but other Arab nationals, Chechens, and Westerners. “And then the West will come and bomb them all. This must be the strategy because nothing else makes any sense.” Conspiracy theories aside, there is some truth to the idea that some countries, as naive and misguided as they have been, privately sighed relief to see their own Islamist nationals travel to Islamist territory to meet their fate. “It’s better than having them stay in our country,” one Western diplomat told me on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.” He added that the entire West had to worry about were the “lone-wolf attacks” inspired by Islamic State.


Unfortunately, the Paris attacks have disproved this theory, and it is time to shed other falsely comforting illusions as well. 



The Other Side of the Story.

Syrians are fleeing to Europe in increasing numbers

By: S. Zain (Independent Reporting from Syria)

Independent Syrian Group 


Syrian refugees sudden influx into Europe has stoked a continent wide crisis in recent months. Migration and refugee movements in the European countries have gained unprecedented momentum in recent months. The situation along migratory routes to Europe and within Europe itself is changing faster than ever before. Opinions of all kinds flourish, often without the necessary base of accurate, up-to-date information.


An estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011, taking refuge in neighboring countries or within Syria itself. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 3 million have fled to Syria's immediate neighbors Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. 6.5 million are internally displaced within Syria. Meanwhile, fewer than 300,000 Syrians have declared asylum in the European Union.


When the new sudden moving civilian refugees were asked about the main reasons they decided to leave now, they provided the expected answers.


  • The war in Syria shows no signs of ending.

  • Living, as a refugee in neighboring countries is untenable for many refugees, who are not permitted to work and are sliding deeper into poverty.

  • There is not enough international aid to help refugees in the region.

  • Children are going too long with no hope or future, without an education.

  • Countries in the region hosting four million refugees, without commensurate, international support, have imposed new restrictions.

  • The portrayal of a welcoming Europe on television and social media.


Others give more elaborate versions of the same reason. Some left because the Assad government occupied their towns (43 percent) or destroyed their homes (32 percent) or because they were threatened with violence if they did not leave (35 percent). Many left at the urging of family (48 percent) and friends (38 percent) or following the lead from their neighbors (32 percent). Others point to the increasingly high costs of finding even basic access to food and other necessities (32 percent) and left once they finally ran out of money (16 percent).


The weird element of this refugee’s crisis, those fighters who are leaving the war zone, giving up on their hope and ambition, with many reasons to report:


  • Some fighters understood their own limitations. Seventy percent realized that they are not very good at fighting.

  • 51 percent mentioned that fighting was too emotionally stressful and 49 percent decided that risks associated with combat were just not worth it.

  • No more Syrian’s in some of the villages, since ISIS fighters included many foreigners.

  • Some fighters recognize the bad leadership, and about 65% reported lack of discipline, teamwork.

  • 48 percent of those ex-fighters gave up on the cause, and felt that it was impossible to win and no longer worth the risk.

  • Many fighters felt betrayed, watching their opposition and army leaders enjoying time in five stars hotel, selling deals to the higher bidder, while the fighters are suffering and dying to achieve the dream goal.


The other Reasons:


Since early 1900, Syrian travel around the world, including Europe, South America and in the second half of the twentieth century to the United States of America. But most of the Syrian were the working force and the spine of educational communities in all Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab of Emirates. This workforce was a major economic stability for many Syrian Families, and with the political silence as was the safety trigger to survive and living in Syria, traveling to the Gulf was a major achievement to many young and old Syrian’s. But after the Iraqi-Iran war and the subsequent Iraqi invasion to Kuwait, leading to the American invasion to Iraq, a strong feeling developed against some Arab nations and Iran, and that was based on religious conflict and animosities build up between Sunni’s in Saudi, Qatar and Shii’t in Iran. This devostating conflicts go back hundred of years, and now play itself as power struggle show in the Syrian lran theatre.


Another reason which is much more complicated, go back to the Syrian people dreams to have a better land, life, and country for many years, and finding themselves in this crisis will make it a good reason and motive to achieve their dream. The current analysis suggest that most of refugees are coming from safe areas, as it was for many years, but people decided to leave for a better reason, taking advantage of the open arms opportunity provided by some of the European countries.


That bring us to the final conclusion of understanding the crisis and how the whole world participated in the Syrian disaster and how all should be blamed for the masscures continued in that beautiful land, Syria.


  • Islam is the most misinterpreted religion by many to achieve their own goal and missing the most important element of Islam including peace, saving lives and humanity. Those misled people are the victem of misinterpretation of what Quraan say

  • The Syrian government by:

    • Ignoring people rights for years:

    • Ignoring the basic principles of freedom any human demand.

    • Playing a egative role in educating the public. (40% of Arabs and Muslim are uneducated)

    • Allowing minorities to role majorities, and to humiliate all other Syrian population fraction.

    • Increasing the depth of conflicta between religious fractions.

    • Government corruption and economic instability, controlled by minorities and governement people.

  • The Middle East copuntries, specifically the Gulf States, by using Syria as the exit ground to get rid of their Jihadist, and also to keep the religious divide between Sunnii and Shiia, and promoting hate and destruction to keep the joy of kingdomship and silent corruption.

  • Iran; by playing a big role for their own intest, using the same techniques that Saudi used, based on hate and innomosity towards other Islam fractions.

  • The Iraqi invasion, and subsequent destruction, allowing those fanatic religious inbdividual, as proteceted from the west, to grow and become a serious threat to the whole world.

  • The U.S.A and Wester Europe countries:

    •  By living the illusion of creating fake democracy in some part of the Middle East while close their eyes on some others where abuse and violation of human rights are a basic principles of those regimes somewhere else.

    • The blind eyes against those organizations, which have developed and grew under the umbrella of freedom, while they are working to form the Islamic Kilafa. Isis and Alkaeda are some of those.

    • The negative impact of what happened in Aphganistan, and the growth of Alkaeda.

    • The East – West conflict, reminding us of the cold war era, and giving the super power to continue live the dream of being above it all, and the one to solve the world problems.

  • The Russia factor, as Russina’ swant to regain their own spot in the International affairs, making Syria crisis the best opportunity to use to achieve that goal.


At the end, all individuals, societies, and government responsible for the crisis and its consequences.

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