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The Final Resolution

The tragic events in Syria, have reach the point of no return, all dreams about what was called democracy evaporated in light of the self-destruction witnessed with what was called the opposition going too far in their fanatic believes, contributing to destruction and killing like the regime and worse, and in the internal fights about who is the leading group in what was called revolution.

The death total exceeded all expectation, the human life lost its value and became so easy to kill and acknowledge the killing. Regional Governments retaliate against each other with more money and support to groups against each other.

The big question after all of this blood shed, where are we as Syrian?

Are we better today than four years ago?

Are we safer today than four years ago?

Are we enjoying more free today than four years ago?

Are we more democratic than four years ago?

The answer is very simple, we are devastated with our crisis, no economy, our infrastructure has been destroyed, hundreds of thousands dead, all of the people are scared to live in their own homes, suppressed by more powerful dictators than ever, and have zero democracy, and as a nation become much weaker than ever.

I will ask those people who planned on this revolution (If there was a plan), What did they achieve? How can they justify the killing and destruction? How they can explain the failure in getting the least possible demand of democracy?

Some of the arguments they used:

Death is better than living under the regime control.

Our children are going to live a better life.

No revolution without victims and death.

What was destroyed will be rebuilt.

They have no return path, and they have to finish the fight no matter what is the price.

They are fighting for those who died, even if more dead will be the outcome.

The non-supporter people are trader and deserve to die.

If anyone not with the opposition, he or she are with the dictator against them.

All of these arguments have been going on and still going on for more than four years, but the Syrian’s are more divided than ever, neighbors and brothers became enemies based on which side they are with or supporting, kids traumatized with their parents death, women became widows at their young age, parents lost their loved one without kissing them the last kiss, elderly became homeless without knowing why.

Many reasons could explain this disaster of failure of what was called revolution:

Never successful revolution was based on religion.

Never the society changes can happen by weapons, by killing and destruction.

Never a revolution has been paid for by a foreign government.

Never a revolution for better life happens by killing people and losing life.

Never a revolution replaces one dictator with another.

Never killing a father will make his kids live a better life.

Never killing a husband will make his widow feel better.

Never killing a son will make his parents happier.

On the other hand, the regime also did similar mistakes and devastating errors and proved the dictatorship mechanism as their best way of defense. They committed same killing and destruction under the excuse of fighting terrorist, instead of listening to the people and resolve tension with minimum steps of security and allowing the people to feel that changes are on the way. This was the most stupid and arrogant argument on earth. These arguments represent the weakness and lack of leadership in the government official from the base to the top..

These arguments from both sides show our retardation and how we are far away from democracy, because we lack the basic principle of civilization including listening to each other and respecting all point of view. We are not democratic because all of us are dictators inside our mind and heart, start with our sheikh (clerk) in the mosque is a dictator, our school teacher is a dictator, our father is the dictator at home, our boss is the dictator at work, the police officer is a dictator in the street, the public bus driver is a dictator on the bus, and finally not to forget the many real dictators in our government.

Now I want to go back in time and ask all the Syrian’s what is next? Are you still going through this path of destruction, killing, and retaliation, or its time to clear our mind, stop our bloodshed, go back to our basic Islamic believes, try to find the common grounds to start a peaceful resolution.

It does not matter now who is right and who is wrong, what matter is how to stop this massacres every where, and may be God will forgive all of you because of your sin.

Its time for all the Syrian’s to wake up from this dark night and long sleep…

Its time to recognize the lack of education and understanding for the basic concept of freedom…

Its time to pray and face God for our sin…

Its time to stop selling our soles and ourselves…

Its time to remember that your prophet Mohammed, talked to enemies to spare human life, so is not time for both sides to talk and spare human lives.

Its time to recognize after these dark few years, that there is no winner; all of you and us are losers...

I remind all Syrian’s, officials or opposition, Sunni’s or Shiite’s, young or old, man or women, that democracy start with respecting each other, listening to each other no matter how much we disagree.

#Resolution #Important

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