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The Other Side of The Story.

Syrians are fleeing to Europe in increasing numbers

By: S. Zain (Independent Reporting from Syria)

Independent Syrian Group

Syrian refugees sudden influx into Europe has stoked a continent wide crisis in recent months. Migration and refugee movements in the European countries have gained unprecedented momentum in recent months. The situation along migratory routes to Europe and within Europe itself is changing faster than ever before. Opinions of all kinds flourish, often without the necessary base of accurate, up-to-date information.

An estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011, taking refuge in neighboring countries or within Syria itself. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 3 million have fled to Syria's immediate neighbors Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. 6.5 million are internally displaced within Syria. Meanwhile, fewer than 300,000 Syrians have declared asylum in the European Union.

When the new sudden moving civilian refugees were asked about the main reasons they decided to leave now, they provided the expected answers.

  • The war in Syria shows no signs of ending.

  • Living, as a refugee in neighboring countries is untenable for many refugees, who are not permitted to work and are sliding deeper into poverty.

  • There is not enough international aid to help refugees in the region.

  • Children are going too long with no hope or future, without an education.

  • Countries in the region hosting four million refugees, without commensurate, international support, have imposed new restrictions.

  • The portrayal of a welcoming Europe on television and social media.

Others give more elaborate versions of the same reason. Some left because the Assad government occupied their towns (43 percent) or destroyed their homes (32 percent) or because they were threatened with violence if they did not leave (35 percent). Many left at the urging of family (48 percent) and friends (38 percent) or following the lead from their neighbors (32 percent). Others point to the increasingly high costs of finding even basic access to food and other necessities (32 percent) and left once they finally ran out of money (16 percent).

The weird element of this refugee’s crisis, those fighters who are leaving the war zone, giving up on their hope and ambition, with many reasons to report:

  • Some fighters understood their own limitations. Seventy percent realized that they are not very good at fighting.

  • 51 percent mentioned that fighting was too emotionally stressful and 49 percent decided that risks associated with combat were just not worth it.

  • No more Syrian’s in some of the villages, since ISIS fighters included many foreigners.

  • Some fighters recognize the bad leadership, and about 65% reported lack of discipline, teamwork.

  • 48 percent of those ex-fighters gave up on the cause, and felt that it was impossible to win and no longer worth the risk.

  • Many fighters felt betrayed, watching their opposition and army leaders enjoying time in five stars hotel, selling deals to the higher bidder, while the fighters are suffering and dying to achieve the dream goal.

The other Reasons:

Since early 1900, Syrian travel around the world, including Europe, South America and in the second half of the twentieth century to the United States of America. But most of the Syrian were the working force and the spine of educational communities in all Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab of Emirates. This workforce was a major economic stability for many Syrian Families, and with the political silence as was the safety trigger to survive and living in Syria, traveling to the Gulf was a major achievement to many young and old Syrian’s. But after the Iraqi-Iran war and the subsequent Iraqi invasion to Kuwait, leading to the American invasion to Iraq, a strong feeling developed against some Arab nations and Iran, and that was based on religious conflict and animosities build up between Sunni’s in Saudi, Qatar and Shii’t in Iran. This devostating conflicts go back hundred of years, and now play itself as power struggle show in the Syrian lran theatre.

Another reason which is much more complicated, go back to the Syrian people dreams to have a better land, life, and country for many years, and finding themselves in this crisis will make it a good reason and motive to achieve their dream. The current analysis suggest that most of refugees are coming from safe areas, as it was for many years, but people decided to leave for a better reason, taking advantage of the open arms opportunity provided by some of the European countries.

That bring us to the final conclusion of understanding the crisis and how the whole world participated in the Syrian disaster and how all should be blamed for the masscures continued in that beautiful land, Syria.

  • Islam is the most misinterpreted religion by many to achieve their own goal and missing the most important element of Islam including peace, saving lives and humanity. Those misled people are the victem of misinterpretation of what Quraan say

  • The Syrian government by:

  • Ignoring people rights for years:

  • Ignoring the basic principles of freedom any human demand.

  • Playing a egative role in educating the public. (40% of Arabs and Muslim are uneducated)

  • Allowing minorities to role majorities, and to humiliate all other Syrian population fraction.

  • Increasing the depth of conflicta between religious fractions.

  • Government corruption and economic instability, controlled by minorities and governement people.

  • The Middle East copuntries, specifically the Gulf States, by using Syria as the exit ground to get rid of their Jihadist, and also to keep the religious divide between Sunnii and Shiia, and promoting hate and destruction to keep the joy of kingdomship and silent corruption.

  • Iran; by playing a big role for their own intest, using the same techniques that Saudi used, based on hate and innomosity towards other Islam fractions.

  • The Iraqi invasion, and subsequent destruction, allowing those fanatic religious inbdividual, as proteceted from the west, to grow and become a serious threat to the whole world.

  • The U.S.A and Wester Europe countries:

  • By living the illusion of creating fake democracy in some part of the Middle East while close their eyes on some others where abuse and violation of human rights are a basic principles of those regimes somewhere else.

  • The blind eyes against those organizations, which have developed and grew under the umbrella of freedom, while they are working to form the Islamic Kilafa. Isis and Alkaeda are some of those.

  • The negative impact of what happened in Aphganistan, and the growth of Alkaeda.

  • The East – West conflict, reminding us of the cold war era, and giving the super power to continue live the dream of being above it all, and the one to solve the world problems.

  • The Russia factor, as Russina’ swant to regain their own spot in the International affairs, making Syria crisis the best opportunity to use to achieve that goal.

At the end, all individuals, societies, and government responsible for the crisis and its consequences.

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