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Syria History: In 2012 our contribution to civilization is diffrent from what it was 2000 years ago

Syria In History

Syria In 2012

Who is telling the truth

Syrian Rebels Claim Airport at Idlib

Syrian forces accused of using Scud missiles

Caricatures Express the Real Syrian Emotion

Since both sides has no time to read, may they have time to see

Allah (God) will never forgive any one of you on both sides, where your killing and destruction is against any humanity defined rules.

When you say Allah Akbar and shoot: you are announcing your lack of morality and believes.

When you say Allah: Soria Bekhair: your are a killer knows nothing about god, you are nothing but criminal in the history of the humanity.

God is bigger than both sides, and Syrian's will never forget what you did to their kids and country.

Syrian's will stop you soon, get rid of you soon, reject both of you soon, and will let god handle both you his criminal court, where you pray and say I wish I did not do that. Hell if you believe in god will be your place forever.

Creating a new flag or maintaining the same old flag, will never make a country.

The bloody flag your hands created, will never make you other than some one does not deserve that country.

Syrian's will  soon get back their country, where non of you, both sides, deserve to be part of it, because criminals has no place in the new society.

The Syrian's do not need another dictator, they had enough.

Syrian's want the freedom, and they can and will show the world how civilized they are. This war is not Syrian, its everything but that.

No matter who is behind you, no matter who is your employer, American or Qatar, and no matter how long the Assad hide behind the Russians and Iran, Syrian's will not get divided, and history is always on their side.


Damascus and Aleppo Umayyad Mosques always will remind the world how their name in history came from the Syrian's who believe in themselves.

Make A Difference





We Need A leader to Lead


Meaning of Democracy never change








Are we as Syrian's proud of what is happening in Syria?

I doubt that any one of us today feel that way

Are we on the government side or the opposition side?

We should reject both sides and have our own voice, because of the crimes both sides committed. The government excuse is defending the nation, while the opposition excuse is trying to get freedom. None of that can justify the killings and destructions we witness every day.

Are We a Nation of Enemies between Muslims, Christian, Alawi, Kurds...?

I doubt that, we should not give up on our basic islamic or Christian principles, respecting the human life and degnity.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism are innocent of all of these crimes we see daily.

Our civil history!

The Arab and Islamic history fought us the value of principles, freedom, and civility. We should not allow ourselves to give up on any of these principles, it's what made us a proud nation.


If you are with one of the two sides, think twice about tomorrow, about next year, about next century. It's time to say no. No to dictatorships, no to religious brain washing, no to the killing, and no to every thing negative we lived in our childhood and adulthood last fifty years, but most important no to all of what they are doing, killing, torturing, and destroying. 
It's time to be the moderate voice, to call for peace, to build the future, to allow our childrens to dream, and allow our parent to live with dignity. 

Join Syriatomorrow to start the moderate move, moderate voice, moderate vision, seeking democracy, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of education, and live within the roles of law.

Let's unite our voices, let's give up our fear, let's have our own vision, and prevent radicalism and dictatorship from taking over our country again and again.

It's time to have a stand!

Watch with us what they are doing, both sides claim that the other side is criminal, while both live under the same umbrella, killing innocent people, children's, and elderly. The Syrians are much smarter than what they think, and will never allow any one to take over their freedom any more.
Democracy is not on TV, it's not in meeting, it's not by killing, It's not by hate and violence. Democracy is peace, respect to humanity, understanding others, and freedom of all religions and believes.
far from the darkness we lived last few months, we need to teach our kids principles of democracy, how to believe in it, and how to practice it. Democracy is not radicals or fundamentalist, it's equality, freedom, independence and role of law.


WATCH BOTH SIDES wrong doing

Join our peaceful mission

Join our rebuilding mission

Join our love and respect message

Join us to have a better tomorrow to all Syrian's




Syria in the Social Media 

& Human Right Violation

​The Syrian Government Crimes

Mr. President Assad: Leaders are to protect their own people, give them a better life, defend their freedom. 
You failed all measure of leadership
Time to be a man!
Watch what your people are doing!!!

​The Oppositions / Rebels Crimes

Freedom never meant taking it a way from others

Destruction never was the first step to build

Religions never allowed killing a human being

Islam is bigger than any of your hate messages

Christianity is the religion of love and forgiveness

It's time for you to watch yourself and cry

Your god will never forgive you!

Watch what your people are doing!!!

Syrian Artistic Images

Sadness is the reality of Syrian life's.

Tears is a reflection of our daily sadness for losing lives, integrity and the future.

Sham: The original name to Syria, always will survive all  storms.

Stop The Killing:

Peaceful Sham / Damascus has to survive

The Moderate Voice:

We need to start, join our Voice.

Lets call  on every honest Syrian, Arabic, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, to think for a second about stopping this crime in Syria, its not easy to forget what is happening but we can stop all of this and let our children build their own future, far from our failed generation.

Let start the new path, new blood stream in our veins, new ideas and new leadership.

The solution is not Assad any more or his group, because the credibility is lost, but also is not any one of what they call themselves the Syrian Counsil, or Muslim Brothers, or any fraction who was part of this bloody end in Syria, for one reason they are as guilty in killing our kids as of the Assad's army.

Some will consider what I am saying crazy, how dare I compare the Assad regime to the freedom fighters. I answer them in one sentence when you kill a humanbeen for whatever reason you are criminal like any one else, read the Qur'an and the Bible, and you will find the definition of killing has no reason and no justification.

So I call on all of you as intellegent peoples to find another solution, we need to rasie our voice and say NO to Assad and NO to the freedom army, NO the Mulims Brother Hood organization, No to weapons, NO to killing, NO to destruction, and finally NO to all of them.

Join us in calling for an independent move who work only for our future and our kids future.

The Editor

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