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​ make this special eddition to show some of the Syrian comments on the social media. This could give the summary of how Syrian reaching the point of frustration and anger and may be all leaders should listen, and save what left from Syria.


September, 2012


The wonder about the killing lead to a bigger question, are both sides killer? Are both side became criminals under the umbrella of their own justification? 



​The first impression after listening to discussion between Syrian's, we notice the emotional anger and the build up of disrespect to each other point of view. May be it's time to look for a better tomorrow, better solutions, better discussion, more understandings, more respect to each others. Syria Tomorrow as an independent voice, invite every one to try, to start somewhere to agree on and build up from there. We believe that will be the first step toward democracy and changes to meet all people demands and stop these massacres in our home, stop the destructions, and stop the animosity.

Many argues how can we start talking after all of this bloodshed? the answer is simple, no matter what, we have and we can stop more bloodshed, more killings. We need to show the world how we are as Syrian can change the world to a better place, better people, better government, better country. The path we are going through is the beginning of destroying it all, at that time we will have no people, no government and no country. Its time for all of us to work together for a better tomorrow, and start the healing process.

ST Editor

Special Issue:

Syria in the Social Media in the the eyes of Syrians

​Creativity and talents preveals

Syria crisis: The basic needs in life becomes a treasure when its missed.

The Syrian make fun of having no electricity, gas, bread, and how the bombs are the music they enjoy while they are a sleep. Despite that they are still proud that they are Syrians

Syria crisis: The Syrian Map as divided, give the ideas why and how Syria should be divided as planned by every one involved.

The problem that no one predicted that involved players are friends and enemies, are super power (USA & Russia) and never counted players (Qatar). The Syrian wonder about the price. 

Syria crisis: 

Even bombs in Syria speak the same language, stop the destruction, stop the killing, stop all of these arguments, its about time for peace. 

The wonder still: any one listening from both sides, each claim victory and the end of the other, the problem both are becoming ignorant and destroyers.

Syrian's sadness go beyond the lost life, to blam all the Arab's and the world for their crisis

Syrian Artistic Images

Sadness is the reality of Syrian life's.

Tears is a reflection of our daily sadness for losing lives, integrity and our future.

The coffee in the house yard (Ard Aldiar) means the peace in the mind of Syrian's and that is what they looking for again. God bless all of us, all of our honest people who wish the best to our country beyond their own agenda, and only for the sake of our future.

Sham: The original name to Syria, always will survive all  storms.

A picture reflects how the Arabic students education is controlled by some one, and mainly to glorify the leaders and suppress the people freedom of even thinking. This is true in all Arab countries.

No Comments: The picture speak for itself.

Stop The Killing:

Peaceful Sham / Damascus has to survive

The 3rd Party:

We need to start, join our move.

Lets call  on every honest Syrian, Arabic, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, to think for a second about stopping this crime in Syria, its not easy to forget what is happening but we can stop all of this and let our children build their own future, far from all of us who are failed generation.

Lets start the new path, new blood stream in our veins, new ideas and new leaders.

The solution is not Assad any more or his group, because the credibility is lost, but also is not any one of what they call themselves the Syrian Counsil, or Muslim Brothers, or any fraction who was part of this bloody end in Syria, for one reason they are as guilty killing our kids as all of the Assad's army.

Some will consider what I am saying crazy, how dare I compare the Assad regime to the freedom fighters. I answer them in one sentence when you kill your brother for whatever reason you are criminal like any one else, and you can find the reason to kill more in the future.

So I call on all of you as intellegent people to find another solution, we need to rasie our voice and say NO to Assad and NO to the freedom army, NO the Mulims Brother Hood organization, No to weapons, NO to killing, NO to destruction, and finally NO to all of them. Join us in calling for an independent move who work only for our future and our kids future.

The Editor

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