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  • Another bad example in Chattanooga.

  • Ramadan Syrian Drama.

  • Claiming the true version of Islam.

  • Shame on us as Muslim's not on Islam.

  • When is the end?.

  • Jihadist: Misguided or misunderstand Islam.



Another Bad Example in Chattanooga:

The shooting suspect in the deadly Chattanooga rampage was a talented mixed-martial arts fighter of Arab descent who embraced American ideals, but increasingly struggled to balance his Muslim and American worlds, his former trainer said.


The FBI identified Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez24, as the shooter in the Thursday afternoon attack that left four Marines dead. Police haven't said whether the gunman was killed by officers or shot himself.


Reports suggest that Abdulazeez would interrupt his workout and unfurl his prayer rug in the gym's offices to conduct evening prayers. On the other hand he would also hang out with friends from the gym at local restaurants and bars, where they would watch mixed-martial art matches.


Abdulazeez had several friends at the gym, but one in particular, a former Chattanooga police officer, would constantly exhort militant Islamic views and threatened anyone who bad-mouthed the faith.


Three days before the shooting, Abdulazeez published a series of posts stating that "life is short and bitter" and that Muslims should not let "the opportunity to submit to allah...pass you by," according to SITE. 


He also stressed the sacrifice of the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet) with mention that they "fought Jihad for the sake of Allah,". "Every one of them had to make sacrifices in their lives and some even left all their wealth to make hijrah (migration) to Medina," Abdulazeez wrote.

We remind people like this self conflicting victem, that Sahaba never killed innocent people, never ttacked anarmed soldiers, and never enforced thier religious point of view on others, as much they tried to explain the real meaning of Islam. 


We have no doubt that Islam is innocent of people like Abdulazeez, who are misled with wrong messages and values, and thier personal conflicts are the best example of thier struggles with reality.


We are, all Mulim's should reject these radical Islamic point of view, because it does not represent the simple, innocent Islam, as much represent mentally retarded people, guided by blind understanding of Islam, and self serving clerks or leaders.


It's about time, all of us, say no to them, and maximize our effort to fight thier point of view and abviously stop this massacres they produce. 

Ramadan Syrian Drama:

This year, the Syrian Drama Industry could prove itself better than the previous years of the war despite the difficulties and critical security situation.


Through the previous three years, the works focused more on the conflict between the regime and the opposition. This year, the light is shed on the humanitarian side of the displaced Syrians whether in the refugee camps in the neighbouring countries or those who jumped into boats making their way out through the Mediterranean Sea.


Syrian Stories about hope, survival, life, love and revenge are waiting for us making the month of Ramadan a thrill. Despite the major obstacles facing the Syrian drama industry, we should all appreciate the efforts of all those who worked hard and risked their lives to present a bright image of a country torn in a brutal war, no matter what was thier point of view to present.


Most of the works focus mainly on the situation in Syria and on the different sides of the humanitarian crisis caused to the Syrians by the terrorist war on the country. "Woman of Ashe", "Waiting for Jasmine" "Intensive Care", "Spot Light" are among the most important works tackling the crisis.


Other works like "Haraer" (Free Women) has special importance as it presents a bright image of Syrian women and their remarkable role in society. It deals with women's historical struggle to get their rights which were violated during the times of occupation and colonialism.


This new version of Syrian drama, reflect the depth of our problems, our understanding of the problem, but the most importan how we should resolve our problem.


"Job well done" a statemet deserved to all people involved in this Syrian drama.


Syria Tomorrow

Thousands of Muslims are getting killed every day in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and now even more in the war between Saudis and Yemen.


What is happening between Muslim’s?

Why are they going down this destructive path?

Why do Muslims hate one another?

Why is Islam suddenly seen as a different religions?

Why it comes across that Muslims hate Christians and Jews?

Why have Muslims become the monsters of the world? 

Why are Muslims are seen as the threat to freedom, peace and stability?


The latest news headlines tell us enough about where we are headed!




“Hundreds of residents of a Palestinian refugee camp, in the Syrian capital of Damascus, fled after shelling by Islamic State fighters, Free Syria army, and government forces, and Palestinian militants, activists said” (1).


The Syrian conflict reaches the point of no return when the opposition is driven by the ideology of Islam instead of democracy and freedom.


We have witnessed this volatile conflict  speed up or slow down simply based on who is paying more and who is supporting whom. Some from Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting Al-Nursa Front (Alqueda’s affiliates) while some support ISIS. ISIS is the real opposition who started this mess in Syria. They were looking for some freedom and became the super minority in this conflict.  What matters now is how "conservative" Muslim are you? Are you willing to be in the opposition group, and face the reality that we sold our freedom now to the new Muslim dictators?


Iraq, suddenly after all the money and power funded by the USA, again goes into the same conflicts of Islamic division, between Siit’s and Sunni’s. All what was hidden in the last hundreds of years is surfacing and guiding people toward disaster. The Sunniis started supporting ISIS, because of the abuse they faced by PM Maliki. Maliki was driven by the Shii’s ideology leading to the follow up disasters, while the world is watching and underestimating this coming crisis.


Egypt, where suddenly political Islam is supported by some Sunnii’s government in the Gulf, became a super power. This led to the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the political system, and instead of using their power to promote democracy, they used their new power to suppress democracy, under the umbrella of defending Islam. This brotherhood believes that Muslims should be ruled under the Sharia law, leading to some of the non believers to rise up and protest. Ultimately, it has led to another disaster in the Middle East. Similar disasters happened in Tunis, where the Muslim’s brotherhood alliance failed and forced out of the government.


On Saudi-Iraqi borders the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) takes place as Saudi Arabia on the top of its aims, ISIS sees it the capital of the Islamic caliphate, that what a German journalist said after visited ISIS location and heard their goals.


And now we see the latest conflict, the Saudi leading an allaince of Sunni’s against the Shiit’s Huthies in Yemen. This is not because of democracy or Yemeni’s freedom, which  would be a valid reason, but because the feeling and thinking that Iran is surrounding them, and that threatens their Monarchy.  ....



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Shame on Muslims, not Islam.



There is a crisis around the world where a few Radical Muslims shatter Islam’s image, Muslim's faith, and a Muslim's credibility. This forces us to ask ourselves, what are the reasons that we (Muslims) are losing the respect and sympathy of the world and now find ourselves in a  justified zone of hate and fear?


These reasons started with radical Muslims. Radical Muslims who gave themselves the

right to speak on behalf of all Muslims. The promotion of radical islamic thinking along with their ambition for destruction has led to all of the bloodshed in the Middle East and the massacres between Muslims. It has led them to finish the crimes in Paris, killing innocent people.The same innocent people who allowed these radical Muslims the  freedom to come to their country to

practice and express their faith.........


I am not afraid to say shame on all of us Muslims. May we recognize our problems, our illogical behavior, fix our image, and bring the real

Islamic value of love and peace to our life as an action not words. May we clean our dirt, sterilize our soul, and believe in freedom, peace and love as a

standard of life.


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When is the end? 

Syria Tomorrow Editorial


I never imagined that Syrian's hate each other to the extent I have seen, or will kill each other to the extent we have seen, or destroy their country and infrastructures beyond any belief, but the most important lose their humanity beyond any reason.

We lost our dignity, One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Unfortunately I have to say, all Syrian's surrendered.


Let me remind all Syrian's about the definition of dignity may be we will be able to get back our dignity when we understand what it? and when we know how to maintain it?


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Jihadist: misguided or misunderunderstand Islam  


Most Muslims believe: "Islam would never support killing innocent people. Allah of Holy Quran never advocated killings. This is all the work of a few misguided individuals. The real Islam is sanctified against violence. Islam means peace. Islam means tolerance." 


Most Muslims believe that the new generations of Jihadist are misguided individuals, driven by misunderstanding of Islam, and wrong interpretation of Quran. The problem with Muslims is the inability to anounce thier believes, and rejection to the new Jihady vilence, and the misrepresentation of Islm. 


The Syrian conflict began as a secular revolt against autocracy. Yet as the conflict protracts, a radical Islamist dynamic has emerged within the opposition.  There is a small but growing jihadist presence inside Syria, and this presence within the opposition galvanizes Assad’s support base and complicates U.S. involvement in the conflict.


But is it true? Does Islam really preach peace, tolerance and non-violence?  Those Muslims who perpetrate crimes in the name of Allah think differently. They believe that what they do is a Jihad (holy war). They say that killing the unbelievers is mandatory for every Muslim. They do not kill because they break the laws of Islam but because they think this is what a true Muslim should do. Those who blow up their own bodies to kill more innocent people do so because they think they will be rewarded in Paradise. They hope to be blessed by Allah, eat celestial food, drink pure wine and enjoy the company of divine consorts.

Are they completely misguided? Where did they get this distorted idea? How did they come to believe that killing innocent people pleases God? Or is it that we are misguided? Does Islam really preach violence? Does it call upon its believers to kill the "non-believers" ? We denounce those who commit acts of violence and call them extremists. But are they really extremists or do they actually do what the Holy book of Quran tells them to do? What does the Quran really teach? Have we read the Quran? Do we know what kind of teachings are there? Let us go through some of them and take a closer look at what Allah says.

إلى متى الإنتظار ياأبناء بلدي
أطفال سورية لن يسامحونا على ماتسببنا لهم فيه من تشرد وضياع و لكن سيغفرون لنا أخطائنا إذا استطعنا أن نعود الى الحكمة والعقل في حل أمورنا

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