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The Muslim's around the world always think that the whole world against them, because they are afraid of the fairness and depth of social justice in that religion. But no one asked about the real reason or what the current basis for that fear, or even hate. 


All Muslim's should share the responsibility of giving the wrong image about Islam, when ISIS, Al-Nusra, Salafi's and many others became the face of Islam in the world. Muslim's created these fundamentalist, and also allowed that fear and hate to grow, and unfortuanately all comes under the umbrella of spreading Islam, or bring back the real Islam.


Lets focus on the current image of Islam, and the stories representing the reality, to explain why the whole world fear our Islam, hate Islam, and we realize that our hate and misundertasnding in us, we will be able one day to show the real Islam, as simple as we know it.


Facing fines, conversion or death, Christian families flee Mosul

By Hamdi Alkhshali and Joshua Berlinger, CNN


  • Families were told to leave their valuables and "go out with only the clothes on you"

  • ISIS had decreed that Christians had to convert, pay extra taxes or "face death by the sword"

  • On Friday, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave Christians in Mosul one day to leave    Read More


Jihadists execute hundreds:


Published — Sunday 20 July 2014


BEIRUT: Syrian government forces launched an offensive Saturday to retake a gas field in Homs province seized two days ago by Islamic State jihadists who killed 270 people, most of them executed, a monitoring group said.       Read More



Religion: Hadith and the New Face of Islam

By Christopher Dickey. Newsweek


Back in the mid-1990s, Osama bin Laden had a problem, and it was Islam. He wanted to say the Qur'an gave his followers license to kill innocents—and themselves—in the cause of "jihad." That was how he could justify his global campaign of terror. But that's not what the Muslim holy book says, and that's not the way it was interpreted by any of the great scholars and preachers of the faith     Read More           


Al-Qaeda returns: The new face of terror

The Economist: On Line Publication


the inconvenient truth is that, in the past 18 months, despite the relentless pummelling it has received and the defeats it has suffered, al-Qaeda and its jihadist allies have staged an extraordinary comeback. The terrorist network now holds sway over more territory and is recruiting more fighters than at any time in its 25-year history

Read More


And many more examples, the stories reflect the terror the west hear about and watch on TV.

On the other hand, no positive stories to reflect the real Islam, as we see it, simple and fair, because we will never change the views of the world about Islam, without showing real side of Islam.

The New Face of Islam As Seen By the World

Al-Zawahiri - Alqaeda

Al-Baghdadi - ISIS

Al-Golani - Jabhat Al-Nusra

The current cituation in the Middle East, specifically Syria and Iraq, raise the question of why? How? And who is responsible for this?


"I doubt any one knows or knew that what is happening is something we should predict based on our history. Lets be clear, that we are not in any way questioning Islam as a religion..."



"The early history of Islam after the death of Muhammad is one of glorious wars and victories on the one hand, and hatred, dissension, jealousy, intrigue and deceit on the other....."


"The 21st Century: Muslims were divided in many sects, not only Sunni and Shiite, but also the Wahhabi, the Ahmadiyyas, the Bahai, The Sufism. These division were hidden, not felt that much by the average people.."


"those leaders, presidents and kings, who became dictators by difinition and not necessarly by acceptance. They are some one who never lived the people life to feel their pain, they never suffered the hunger to understand their hunger, who never ride in the bus to realize disastisfactions, never walked on the street to see the dirt people living in, never fought in the army to know the suffering of our soldiers, never heard the word “NO” because the people around them gave them the illusion of how good and right they are...."


"The bottom line, we lost our path, and became divided between the people who are willing to die for their wrong believes under the name of god “Allah”. The groups of people who are dying because they have no better choice, hungry, cold, depressed, deserve no life. And finally the group whol defend their existance, devend their illusion of people love, illlusion of they are fair and right and they are far from that...."



when we review the videotape of what is happening in the Arab and Muslim worlds, we see clercks issuing ruling to Muslim’s allowing them to kill each other, considering brothers to become enemies, justifying crimes with the word of allah (God), and continue into the dark path of our history as a Muslims.


Can we blame any one else for what is happening to us? Can we say it’s the west; USA and Israel are the reason for what is happening to us? Is it the Christianity retaliating against Islam as some claims by saying that the Crusade is back? Can we find an answer for the behavious of Saudii and Qatari’s in supporting these fundamintalist? .."



Our future is not and will not be going the right direction until our kids basic knowledge are pure from all of our crimes, our destruction, and that will take many years to achieve, the illusion of Facebook or Twitter bringing peace and democracvy is just an illusion, based on our lack of education and lack of understanding the principle of democracy.


I remind all of us, that dictatorship is living in each one of us, all of us see ourselves better that the others, and even put down from every one other than ourselves, and until we get to that point of respecting others, respecting opinions, respecting the role of law, respecting the freedom of speech, respecting all religions, and finally respecting all men, women, black and white, we will never achieve success or democracy, because all of us are dictators..."


To read the full arricl Click Here


Syria Tomorrow: Approved by IRS as a 501(c) 3 / Non Profit Organization

Non Political & No Religious Organization

Syria Tomorrow announce to all supporters the good new that the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved the organization as a non profit one with a tax exmpt status 501(c)3.


Even that Syrian are not in the position to celebrate any things will all killing and destructions going on, we at Syria Tomorrow would like to thank all supporters, volunteers and leaders for the hard working and support led to this achievement. WE believe its a confirmation that our goal of non political or religious organization is prevealed for the sake of helping the real needy Syrian people.


We are going to welcome all your support and donations soon.


Syria Tomorrow Board

There are at least five reasons to believe that the continuing political transitions in the Arab world are likely to be considerably more difficult than those experienced by the countries of the former Eastern Bloc two decades ago. Thos ereasons are:


  • Different political fault lines

  • The absence of positive incentives

  • Weak civil society organizations

  • A less conducive geopolitical climate

  • Cultural


All the above reasons are valid, but many could argue about the accuracy of some of it, and we discuss those arguments as follows:


  • Many disagree and reject reason# 2, because they consider that freedom is enough incentive and to start working on a better future is a good incentive. 

  • The reason # 3 of weak civil society, is rejected by some, because to reach to better civil organization you have to start somewhere and fail many times untill success is achieved.


Theoritaclly it’s true, but planning the transition in a better way to facilitate faster success and also better outcome is needed, just the assumption that revolution will guarantee freedom and better life is just an illusion we are living now, by seeing ISIS and many fundamintalist controlling the freedom move under different names. The bigger question is time  to re- thnk the strategy of freedom and better tomorrow?


Read the Full Article and ST Discussion. PDF format

If you agree or disagree, Share with us your opinion and send us your message. ST

Under the auspices of the United Nations and pursuant to the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2118 which was unanimously adopted on 27 September 2013, which provides that the way to reach a very urgent peaceful settlement, which was specified in the Geneva Statement on 30 June 2012 (Attachment 1), and ever since the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, his Excellency Sergey Laprov , and the US Secretary of State, his Excellency Mr. John Kerry, on 7 May 2013, intensive preliminary consultations took place and, consequently, The Geneva Conference on Syria was held on 22 December 2014, pursuant to which the undersigned, the parties to this Agreement representing the Syrian State, in the presence of the UN Secretary General and Mr. Alakhdar Al-Ibrahimi, the joint UN and Arab League envoy, agreed to issue the Syrian National Security Strategy Document as well as the Syrian Peace Agreement, which is known as the Interim Governing Body at the Syrian Senate, to pave the way to put forth both to the Syrian people in a public referendum, under the auspices of the United Nations, within a maximum period of three months of the date hereof.


         Syrian National Security Strategy




In 2011, the Syrians fell into difference and were divided. The difference developed into a civil, regional and international war within Syrian territory, during which the Syrians lost their schools, hospitals and factories; millions of them became displaced within and outside the homeland, and hundreds of thousands were killed and wounded; thousands of mercenaries entered Syria, spreading terror, chaos and destruction. With this war, the First Syrian Republic came to an end, which Republic became independent in 1946 after having been dominated by all the Great Powers that had ruled the world throughout history, as they all had known that they would not be great powers unless they ruled the most important site in the world, which linkes the three main continents in the world.


With the beginning of the Second Syrian Republic, the Syrians came to appreciate the first independence as well as the importance of the trust by the Great Powers, represented by the UN Security Council and the world, of the Syrian people preserving the most important strategic position in terms of its citizens, territory, water, resources and environment. The Syrians became awareof the recognition of Syria’s international boundaries that are recorded by the United Nations, without applying the terms “artificial”, “drawn up by colonialists”, as this has facilitated the advent of mercenaries from all over the world, and secured for them environments that harbor them, and did not mind their crossing borders that the Syrians have been educated to consider “artificial”. The Syrians came to understand that the major battle of the Syrian people is not against America and Israel, nor with Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran. The Syrian people have come to understand that their major battle is with themselves against racism, localism and sectarianism against violence and predomination; against the obstacles that stand in the way of culture, education, health, equal opportunities, social justice and development. Hence, the Syrians decided that the boundaries of the Syrian State that are recorded by the United Nations are Syria’s final boundaries for all Syria’s citizens within such boundaries and that all Syrians are equal in rights and duties.


Read the full proposal in the PDF format

Think the world's a safer place? 48 million refugees have adifferent opinion about that.

By Brian Stewart, CBC News

One of the more comforting claims in recent years is that the world is a less violent place than the blood-soaked centuries gone by.


But try telling that to the current wave of some 48 million refugees and displaced people from today's wars and conflict zones. Most are now crammed into often squalid and unsafe camps as they wait in increasing desperation for a home, somewhere. The numbers are so breathtaking that they take a while to settle into the mind. We're talking about 13 million more people than live in all of Canada.  To break it down: 15 million are "external refugees" who have fled their borders, while another 33.5 million are "internally displaced," and live in camps within their own countries, which are often wracked by violence.International organizations give every indication of being overwhelmed, and no wonder. Just compare this 48 million with one of the greatest humanitarian crises in history — when a shattered Europe at the end of the Second World War had to resettle a staggering 16 million displaced persons.A horrifying number certainly, but only a third as many as we have now.


To make matters worse, the crisis is happening at a time when ever more countries are putting up new barriers and taking in fewer refugees. 


Read More:


Syrian army recaptures Aleppo's industrial city


Abu Mahmoud outside his half-ruined home in Aleppo's Shaar district. Photograph, Zac Baillie for the Observer Photograph: Zac Baillie For The Observer

The Syrian government forces on Thursday fully recaptured an industrial city in the northern province of Aleppo, according to the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV.

The troops recaptured the city in the Sheikh Najjar area on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo city after clashes with jihadist groups, mainly the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front. The army is also advancing into other areas in Sheikh Najjar as rebels' withdrew from that part of the city.

Activists said that Syrian troops carried out more than 20 airstrikes against the city to dislodge the rebels there.

Aleppo, once called Syria's economic hub, has been plagued in intense battles between government troops and an array of jihadist groups. The western part of the city is still under government control, while the rebels seized the eastern part.

The Syrian troops' fresh advancement came as the Nusra Front was deadlocked in deadly battles against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in Aleppo and areas in eastern Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based watchdog group, said more than 7,000 rebels and civilians have been killed since earlier this year as a result of the rebel-on- rebel battles.


Read More

Tweeting at terrorists: inside America's social media battle with online jihad

By Raf Sanchez, Washington

The US State Department has launched an experimental unit to fight al-Qaeda ideologists on Twitter across the web. But can it actually stop terrorism?



The jihadist pauses briefly from his snowball fight to address the camera.


"It's not a horror movie here," he says gleefully. Behind him his comrades sling their AK-47s as they laugh in the snowy Syrian grove. "We are not those so-called 'evil salafists'. We can also have fun."


The fighter is Denis Cuspert, a German rapper who went by the stage name Deso Dogg until he turned to Islamism and moved to Syria to take up jihad.


Cuspert is the kind of extremist who keeps Western security agents up at night: a charismatic convert who makes terrorism look glamorous and speaks in German as he exhorts fellow Europeans to take up arms.


"Look my dear brothers and sisters, this is jihad," he shouts, gesturing at the carefree scene around him. "I invite you to join jihad!"


Read More

إلى متى الإنتظار ياأبناء بلدي
أطفال سورية لن يسامحونا على ماتسببنا لهم فيه من تشرد وضياع و لكن سيغفرون لنا أخطائنا إذا استطعنا أن نعود الى الحكمة والعقل في حل أمورنا
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