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The Second Syrian Republic

No for the Triangle, Yes for the ten angles

The Middle East area, specifically the Arab regimes are controlled by three clubs, one represented by the gang men, second by religious men, and the third by business men, and in reality no other clubs exist, making the these clubs the holly controlling triangle, which control all Arab people and their future.

In Syria, with the revolution wind, the business people left the country because they can afford it; the religious leaders got divided between supporters and rejecters, while the people invaded the gang clubs, trying to control it or take advantage of it, and that led Syria to go into this violence and civil war, we never seen for long time, and all victims were the Syrian people, who had nothing to do with all of this unrealistic war.

In Syria, there are no political parties, no real organizations to represent teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, farmers, or industrials, but some organizations connected to the triangles of power is present, where members use these representation as a way to reach somewhere, so they become like a slave to one of the three triangles power. This made the Syrian people believe in the triangle instead of believing in the talent, abilities, and their rights. This led to this Syria to go into corruption and economic disaster, leading Syria to become one of the poorest countries in the world.

The basic concepts of Unions to represent the people of Syria, based on democratic election, each union represent its members, with leaders taking the oath of serving the country, devote their commitment to the people who elected them, not the triangle power or themselves, as its now. These elected leaders then participate in negotiating the basics for the new country and free government. The powerful triangle was successful in using those organizations or union, but did not eliminate it, under the umbrella of democratic representation.

With the situation in Syria deteriorate on daily basis, the world still looking for an exit, but unfortunately still consider the one of the three arms of the powerful holly triangle is the solution. All involved peoples, like Anan and Ibrahimi, countries, like UAS, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, all look into the problem like its supporter to one side or another, and consider the problem is in individuals instead of looking into the root of the problem, starting with the holly triangle.

The argument today, who is the true representative of the Syrian people, is it the government, or the opposition. Whoever will win, will bring back the holly triangle, and invite back business people, and the former gang who are members in the holly triangle, because that is the basis for what the world is supporting at this point, because they can’t complete the triangle with a missing arm.

The holly triangle is an old system, have long and sharp arms, and whoever gets close to it will get hurt. This was explained by many like MiCafilley and Mahfooouz. But what happened in Syria that the three arms got confused, where the gang invaded the businesses and forced the business and rich people to buy gangs for protection, and the religious leaders became busy in measuring the street temperatures and promoting unrest with the hope of taking over control of the triangle.

So what left in Syria, are we trying to build up a new triangle, including the gang, religious leads, and the poor people, meaning nothing changed, and we are dividing the country into pieces controlled by different powers, ethnics, and regimes, leading to a new Syrian nightmare.

May be the problem is in the triangle design, with the long and sharp arms, with all the bloody outcome so far they created in all aspect of our life. May be we need to look for a new design to include all Syrian population, may be a design with ten arms (Ashour). This Ashour will have short arms, with wider angles, all around a larger table, to include all Syrians, include all talented people, doctors, lawyers, students, and many other representative, with one goal in mind, fair representation to the Syrian people, have peace and security, bring back all Syrians, including business people to rebuild the country.

The bigger question how we activate these groups, to build up the Second Syrian Republic, are we ready for that responsibility, is the world going to support us. Can we have our Syrian unions go immediately into real democratic elections, to start the process of having a united governing board to work for the sake of the Syrians, not any one else inside or outside. Is the United nation willing to supervise this kind of real election to allow real democracy, not the one from USA, or the Qatar, or from any one of the powerful triangles we discussed here. Allow a build up of real constitution represent the Syrian needs.

It’s about time we stop the bloodshed, the killing, the civil war, and the ethnic division. This article is not for reading, it’s an invitation to all honest, sincere people to move toward this Ashour design representation, to save lives, its an invitation to the Syrian president, the unions, to the oppositions, to Al-Akhdar Ibrahimi, and to all people who love Syria, before the destruction of what left from the origin of the humanity, Syria. Any one listening?

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