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Syrian government orders seizure of assets of Assad's cousin Makhlouf


BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian government ordered the seizure of assets belonging to President Bashar al-Assad’s cousin Rami Makhlouf, one of Syria’s richest men, as well as to his wife and children, according to a government document reviewed by Reuters. 

The document, stamped May 19 and signed by the finance minister, said the “precautionary seizure” aimed to guarantee payment of sums owned to the telecom regulatory authority. 


Once at the heart of Assad’s inner circle, Makhlouf has quarrelled with the authorities over funds which they say are owed by his mobile phone company Syriatel. The unprecedented public tussle has uncovered a rift in the ruling elite.


Syria Tomorrow wish that this move has happened long time ago, because it will bring some fairness to the Syrian people who suffered long enough from lack of opportunities because of the economic control of this inner circle on the whole Syrian economy and future. But never too late, and hope this will be the beggining for a real change to rebuild the suture of Syria.

Rifaat Assad’s Son Says Father Interested in Returning to Syrian Politics


Duraid Assad, the cousin of Syrian president Bashar Assad, revealed that his father, Rifaat, was interested in taking part in the country’s political process.


In a post on his official Facebook page, Duraid revealed that his father “was looking forward to building Syria – a Syria which all national political forces can take part in a comprehensive political operation” in shaping the country’s future.

Hinting at the role played by Bashar’s wife, Asma, in the conflict with the president’s cousin Rami Makhlouf, Duraid said Rifaat’s family has nothing to do with what is taking place in Syria today.


Rifaat is the younger brother of late president Hafez Assad and staged a failed coup against him in 1984. He has been in exile in France ever since.


Syria Tomorrow ask the bigger question, are these people serious? Who is suggesting to them that Syrian people are even interested in hearing from them or about them. Enough Mr. Rifaat what you did many years ago, and remember that people never forget the past.

Fear, Hunger Grip Syrian Refugees in Turkey











ISTANBUL -  The family’s two-room apartment slants downhill, and there is no running water. Three-year-old Zaineb is crying from hunger. The girl hasn’t eaten all day, says her mother, Ismahan, as she rolls rice into grape leaves for what will be the family’s evening meal.


They plucked the leaves from trees, she explains, because they can't afford to buy them. Like many Syrian refugee families living in Turkey during the pandemic, they also cannot pay their rent.


Eight people including Ismahan’s two children are crowded into the tiny apartment and an abandoned shelter nearby. The rent is only $30, very cheap for Istanbul, but they haven’t paid in two months.

“The landlord says he will kick us out if we don’t pay,” says Ismahan. “He doesn’t like Syrians.”


Across the country, families like hers have moved from poor to destitute as they are increasingly isolated by the pandemic lockdown.


Syria Tomorrow wonder if its time for peace between all fraction, and go back home, to live with dignity. The war is not causing but destruction and humiliation.

Selling Organs to Survive























In "Selling Organs to Survive," part of the "Down to Earth" documentary series, CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams and producer Haitham Moussa traveled to the border of Turkey to investigate posts on Facebook offering desperate refugees money for their kidneys and livers. Using hidden cameras, they uncovered a sobering tale of black market actors preying on a vulnerable population – and often cheating them out of the meager funds they were promised after the deed was done.


Syria Tomorrow: Its time to understand the consequences of the Syrian war, no winners, and the freedom many has dreamed about does not come with foreign interferences and selling our country to them under the umbrella of helping us to achieve goals.

Turkey and Russia lock horns in Syria as fear of outright war escalates


As the nine-year Syrian civil war enters its final turn, Turkey and Russia, long-time allies in Syria, are on the brink of war over the Syrian province of Idlib.

Both sides are sending stern messages of warning as diplomacy to end the conflict has so far failed to de-escalate the situation.


Syria Tomorrow Point of View:


Turkey and Russia involvement are not to help Syrian people but to strengthen thier agemnda, and personal gain. The Syrian became the victem of this international war, wgere every party wish to get something.

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